Where Are Scales In Walmart?

Where Are Scales In Walmart? (Exact Location + Secret Method)

Walmart has a lot of stores, so it is not easy to find what you are looking for amongst the many aisles of thousands of items.

  • You may wonder where you can buy bathroom scales from Walmart. They are located exactly in the place I searched for them!
  • Where Are Scales In Walmart? (Exact Location + Secret Method)

    Walmart: Where are the Scales?

    Walmart usually stocks bathroom scales in both the home and medical aisles. Also, certain Walmart stores may stock bathroom scales within the hardware section. For jewelry gram and kitchen scales, these items can be found in the kitchen aisles of Walmart.

  • Continue reading to find out more information about prices, locations and jewelry scales.
  • Use the Walmart App to Find Scales in Exact Location
  • If you are still having trouble finding bathroom scales in Walmart, customers can download the Walmart App, which will tell you exactly where they are in your particular store!
  • The Walmart App can be downloaded onto an Android, iOS or Windows device.

    Once downloaded, you’ll be able create a account to insert your zipcode and show Walmart the Walmart of choice.

  • You can also search the app for bathroom scales. This will give you information about the availability of the scales and their exact locations in your nearest Walmart. As simple as that!
  • If you have any difficulty in finding the scales that you need, ask your Walmart associate.

    Walmart: What is the Price of Scales?

    Walmart kitchen scales start at $9 and go up to about $55 for commercial-level scales.

    Although digital bathroom scales cost between $20-$30 in most cases, Walmart offers some high quality models for about $70. You can opt for the analog bathroom scale, which costs around $9.

    Where Are Scales In Walmart? (Exact Location + Secret Method)

    Online Ordering of Scales at Walmart

    Yes! Walmart sells scales online. There are a lot of options for bathroom scales and grams, plus free 2-day deliveries.

    Walmart sells medical-grade bathroom scales

    Walmart also sells scales made for professionals in the medical industry. There are Digital physician’s weights, floor and chair-heavy heavy-weight medical scales.

    Because of the quality and accuracy, they are much more expensive that other bathroom scales. They range from $200 to around $700.

  • My full guide contains more details about how frequently Walmart stocks.
  • Where Are Scales In Walmart? (Exact Location + Secret Method)

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