Does Walgreens Sell Sephora Gift Cards

Does Walgreens Sell Sephora Gift Cards In 2022? (Full Guide)

Sephora gift vouchers are perfect for someone who is passionate about cosmetics, beauty, and haircare.

  • Walgreens’ 9000+ nationwide stores sell a wide range of gift cards. So, you might be asking: Do Walgreens sell Sephora gift coupons? Let me share what I discovered through my research.
  • Does Walgreens Sell Sephora Gift Cards In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Walgreens to Sell Sephora Gift Cards in 2022

    Walgreens doesn’t sell Sephora gift vouchers in-store, or online, as of 2022. Sephora gift vouchers can only be purchased in Walgreen’s retail stores or at JCPenny Sephora branches. This can be used to purchase any amount between $10 and $500.

  • Continue reading to find out more about the Walgreens alternatives, including why Walgreens doesn’t sell Sephora gift certificates, as well as where these can be purchased.
  • Walgreens also sells other gift certificates

    Walgreens can sell its own gift certificates that are available in Walgreens stores as well online.

    Walgreens offers a separate section in each location for beauty products. Gift cards can be used there to buy all kinds of beauty products.

    Walgreens has Vanilla Visa, American Express and Vanilla Mastercard gift cards.

    You can use these prepaid gift card to purchase at any retail store, including the freestanding Sephora or JCPenny–Sephora stores.

    Does Walgreens Sell Sephora Gift Cards In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Why Doesn’t Walgreens Sell Sephora Gift Cards?

    Walgreens does not sell Sephora gift cards because these would get in the way of its own beauty products sales channel.

    Walgreens offers a variety of beauty products online and in-store. This would mean that customers will be moving away from the category of these products if Walgreens starts to sell gift cards at other, more competitive beauty stores.

    Where Can You Buy Sephora Gift Cards?

    Sephora gift certificates can be purchased in both Sephora freestanding stores and JCPenny–Sephora department store. These cards can be purchased for any amount from $10-$500.

    You will notice a slight distinction between buying at standalone Sephora stores and JCPenny–Sephora shops.

    Sephora Gift Cards come with a Free Gift (such as a Compact Mirror or Pouch) that can be used in any Sephora, JCPenny – Sephora store and

    But, only JCPenny Sephora shops can accept them.

    Sephora gift certificates can also be purchased from these third-party sellers:

  • Rite Aid
  • Amazon
  • Kroger
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Lowe’s
  • To learn more, you can see our mega-post on whether or not Walgreens sells Lowe’s gift cards, if Walgreens sells Best Buy gift cards, and also if Walgreens sells Hobby Lobby gift cards.

    Does Walgreens Sell Sephora Gift Cards In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Conclusion: Walgreens can sell Sephora Gift Card Cards

    Walgreens cannot sell Sephora gift vouchers in stores or online. For denominations between $10 and 500, you can purchase these directly at Sephora or JCPenny Sephora freestanding stores. Sephora gift card cards can also be purchased from third-party retailers such as Walmart, Kroger and Amazon.

    .Does Walgreens Sell Sephora Gift Cards In 2022? (Full Guide)

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