What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For Usps? + Other Faqs

What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For Usps? + Other Faqs

It is a very honorable job to work for the United States Postal Service. This includes the large federal benefits package.

Because of these factors, the USPS recruitment process can become very lengthy and difficult. Perhaps you’ve been stuck in Offer Phase Ext for quite some time.

What does the Offer Phase Ext signify for USPS staffing? Is it good news or bad? Here’s what you need to know.

What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS? + Other FAQs

What is Offer Phase Ext for USPS?

Prospective hires for the USPS Phase Ext are currently in the final stages of the hiring process. Potential hires are at this stage having accepted USPS’ offer to work, been drug-tested and fingerprinted. Now they wait for their results.

  • These FAQs will help you understand the time it takes to complete this step, determine if your job is really for you, and which Offer Phase Ext phase falls within the entire hiring process.
  • How Long Does USPS Offer Phase Ext Last?

    The research that I did shows that although the USPS offer phase ext portion of the USPS hiring process may be nearing its conclusion, it can take quite a bit longer.

    Reddit users have commented that they feel “stuck”, having been in this purgatory of hiring for many weeks.

    Respondents to an Indeed thread shared that they have been in the Offer Phase Ext group for over a month.

    USPS does not have to fill an urgent job. They will take their time with the hiring process.

    After you apply, have gone through the necessary steps and are now in Offer Phase Ext, don’t worry.

    Expect to wait for at least two weeks to receive your package, or up to three months. It can be very slow, but it’s how USPS does things.

    Overall, The Postal Service is a diligent employer who has an eye to its budget.

    Although they may be federally related, USPS remains an independent agency within the executive branch.

    This means the president cannot appoint U.S. PostmasterGeneral (the head the agency)

    He or she can appoint the board who nominates and votes for the Postmaster, though.

    The agency cannot accept public funding.

    Instead, their entire operating cost is generated by the sale of postage/services like stamps or shipping classes.

    Hiring employees can prove costly. This is not just because of the amount of time required to train. ).

    USPS strives to make sure they hire only the best people and that the employees stay with them for long periods of time.

    Don’t worry if your Kroger’s or Target’s hiring processes take longer than the Postal Service’s.

    People who have been there know that the final stretch is when you reach Offer Phase Ext.

    (An important side note: Some employees have claimed that after being employed for months their accounts still reflect Offer Phase Extension.

  • That doesn’t mean you should take it as an indicator that you are really qualified for the job!
  • What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS? + Other FAQs

    Is the USPS Phase Ext a Sign You Have The Job

  • The “home-stretch” is what Offer Phase Extensiont looks like, according to current and former employees at the Postal Service.
  • It means you’ve completed all of the steps in your hiring process. It was hard work!
  • The background check has been completed. You also have taken drug testing and your fingerprints were taken. The USPS and you are currently waiting for results.

    According to study-education.com the next step would be your orientation letters.

    So basically, you are conditionally hired at this point, provided you pass your tests and screenings.

    Keep your cool, even if you’re a conditional worker, the wait can sometimes last as long as three months.

    How do you hire USPS employees?

    You might be wondering how Offer Phase Ext fits within the larger picture of the hiring process.

    Here is a summary:

    Complete application and wait to see if your skills and experience match their needs. If you appear to be a match, you will be invited to take the Postal Exam 473. For you to be eligible, your score must reach 70. You may be invited to a group interview or an individual interview if your score is above 70. It is possible that you will be invited to one or both.

    You are also on the pre-hired list at this stage.

  • The hiring process involves basically creating a report/file that can be reviewed. To perform background checks, you will need to consent. USPS may offer employment conditions if they feel you are still a good fit. You will then get called to do a drug test and get fingerprinted. You will now be in the Offer Phase Ext group. It will take you a while to get the information. If you successfully pass your screenings and exams, you will receive an orientation note. You’re a success!
  • This is a very general overview and may vary depending on which Post Office you are working for.

    To know more about USPS, you can also see our posts on USPS pre-hire list, if USPS is a federal job, and the USPS orientation.

  • Conclusion
  • It is a good indicator for potential employees that the USPS Offer Phase Ext component of the hiring process will be successful. You are believed to be an ideal fit for the team.

    In this stage, most of the time you will just be waiting while USPS completes your background check.

    It could last up to three months, so use this time to mentally prepare for the exhausting, but fulfilling, road ahead.

    .What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For Usps? + Other Faqs

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