Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps (+ Common Faqs)

The United States Postal Service runs like a well-oiled machine. It serves millions of people and makes sure that their shipments get there as soon as possible.

USPS tracking is available to update as needed after an item has been sent out for delivery. An example of such a message would be “Awaiting Delivery Scan”.

  • So what exactly does “Awaiting Deliver Scan” actually refer to? This is all you need to know!
  • Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning USPS (+ Common FAQs)

    What Does the USPS Awaiting Delivery scan Mean in 2022

    If a tracking number from the Postal Service indicates that a parcel has been “Awaiting Delivery Scans”, it can indicate that it is still in the possession of the postal carrier, but it hasn’t yet been delivered. Also, the notification can mean that the item was delivered but not scanned or that item was delivered but got lost.

  • There are many meanings of Awaiting delivery scan. We’ll explore them all.
  • What is the reason why your USPS package says “Awaiting Delivery Scans”?

    A package that says “Out For Delivery” at the beginning of the day might be marked “Awaiting Delivery Scan” later in the afternoon. There may also be other reasons.

    First of all, mail carriers do have options to scan packages prior to delivery.

  • Suppose you see your package go from “Out for Delivery” to “Awaiting Delivery Scan.”
  • If that happens, it is a sign that your mail carrier physically has the item in their possession.

    Additionally, it could have meant that the mail carrier went through the parcels in order to deliver them and then sorted them in their truck.

  • Package Hasn’t Been Delivered Yet
  • One reason your package might be marked “Awaiting Delivery Scan”, is because the parcel is still in the hands of the postal carrier but has not yet been delivered.

    That said, it implies that the carrier plans on delivering the parcel that day – perhaps even very soon – but they just haven’t arrived at your house yet.

  • Package Gets Hidden
  • A few parcels were found hidden beneath a chair or in larger packages by the truck driver.

    In those instances, when a carrier already scans the parcel as “Awaiting Delivery Scan,” that status can remain the same for a few days.

    Unfortunately, this means that the recipient has to wait until somebody finds the package. But, it’s at least reassuring to know that it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is lost.

  • This Package Was Not Updated, But It Was Delivery
  • Sometimes, accidental notifications may also be assigned to packages that were delivered.

    The status of shipments can be manually updated by mail carriers after they have been scanned for barcodes during transit.

    It’s not difficult for mail carriers to make mistakes or forget about an update.

    Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning USPS (+ Common FAQs)

    How long will it take the USPS scan your package

    The amount of time it takes the USPS to scan your package depends entirely on many factors, especially package volume.

    This means that scanning all packages will take longer if there are many of them in the sorting area or on the delivery truck.

    It might not take the Postal Service long to scan an item. However, it may take them just minutes on some days and hours on others if they have a backlog.

    If your package is marked “Out For Delivery”, you’ll need to be patient while they do their job.

    Remember, sometimes, even when your package has been delivered, the carrier might forget to update the delivery status.

    Can A Package Be Delivered Without Being Scanned By USPS?

  • Carriers can still deliver packages without scanning it as delivered. However, the package might still be marked “Out For Delivery” and “Awaiting Delivery Scan.”
  • Despite all this, the Postal Service does everything possible to ensure that packages scans are up-to-date. However, humans can make mistakes.

    It is likely that you will only need to wait for this issue until later in the day, which is usually 5 p.m.

  • The tracking information for the parcel should then be changed from “Awaiting Delivery Scans” to “Delivered”.
  • Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning USPS (+ Common FAQs)

    What Does USPS “Awaiting Item” Mean?

  • The USPS has a very distinct meaning for the word “Awaiting Product” despite it being used together.
  • Still, USPS “AwaitingItem” happens at the beginning of each parcel’s journey towards its destination.

    The fact is that it happens so soon on, the Postal Service hasn’t even taken possession of the package.

    You can find the tracking number and label here. However, it is not in the possession of the Post Office.

    If you want to know more about USPS please visit our USPS blog posts. They cover how long USPS parcel pick takes, what USPS packages are covered, as well as whether USPS packages can be scanned.

  • Conclusion
  • It’s not uncommon for USPS to say that your tracking states “Awaiting Shipping Scan”. This can actually mean several different things.

    But on a positive note, it does mean that your parcel should be in your hands soon, as it was recently in the delivering mail carrier’s hands.

    Why is my Usps box stating that I am awaiting delivery scan?

    The scanners used by USPS to track the status of every package are used to determine if they have been delivered. It should say, “Awaiting Delivery Scanning” to indicate the parcel is not delivered yet. 1 Jan 2022

    What does Awaiting Delivery mean?

    Simply, it means your package is at the delivery terminal.

    .Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps (+ Common Faqs)

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