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Topwater frog lures serve as great bait for bass fishing because bass are quick to react to the “frog” moving slowly at the surface. When they latch onto this frog, you’ve caught your bass! We’ve pulled together the best topwater frog lures to make your bass fishing experience more successful!

Best Topwater Frop

The flat top kabuki brush from Beauty Junkees has it all: streak-free performance, versatility, and exceptional durability. Whether you’re going for a soft daytime look with a powder or you’re using a liquid foundation to achieve full coverage, this best kabuki brush has you covered. Users were blown away by the flawless airbrushed finish they were able to achieve with this brush. Many even said that the Beauty Junkees kabuki outperformed its pricier competitors, including cult favorites from Sigma.

Best Kabuki Brush

I think I found the best primer for mature skin. At least it is on my mature skin. For reference I am 54 with dry oily combination skin. At the end of this article I’ll share a link to my YouTube channel . You can see my demonstrating this primer and sharing my thoughts on a few other makeup products for mature skin.

Best Primer for Mature Skin