Does Ikea Sell Individual Parts

Does Ikea Sell Individual Parts In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Founded 28 July 1943

; 78 years ago





in Sweden
Ingvar Kamprad
Delft, Netherlands
Number of locations
445 (2021)


Area served

Middle East

North Africa

East Asia


Southeast Asia


North America
Key people
Ready-to-assemble furniture

, homeware, food products
Revenue Increase

41.3 billion (












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IKEA is well-known for making self-assembly furniture. However, this often means a lot less fiddling around with the individual parts.

  • If you damage or lose any of the parts, however, furniture can become ineligible for use. IKEA does sell parts if you want to restore your IKEA furniture. Let me tell you what I learned!
  • Does IKEA Sell Individual Parts In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    IKEA is planning to sell individual components in 2022.

    IKEA does sell individual replacement parts to customers who need them. IKEA can provide replacement parts for any missing or damaged items, regardless of whether you bought the item many years ago. This applies to all of their products, and you usually won’t have to pay for the new parts.

  • How can you find individual parts for replacement at IKEA? Learn more about IKEA replacement parts.
  • IKEA isn’t sending me the right parts.

    IKEA should be contacted within 365 days to replace any part of your IKEA product.

    IKEA will deliver your missing item within seven to ten days depending on how large it is.

    Individual screws can be ordered by quoting the 6-digit code found in the product’s assembly manual. The screws will then be shipped via mail within 10 business days.

    If you need screws or other missing parts more quickly, you should visit IKEA’s returns desk at your local store with your receipt.

    IKEA won’t be able to replace any individual part.

    You can also look at IKEA parts-sellers through sites like Amazon and eBay if IKEA does not have them.

    Swedish Furniture Parts can also be accessed, which is a site that was specifically created to help IKEA customers find missing IKEA pieces.

    However, these parts will be charged to your credit card, and not IKEA.

    A full refund may be available if IKEA does not satisfy you with any aspect of your experience.

    If this is the case, you can see our guidse on how to return furniture to IKEA without a receipt and whether or not IKEA takes returns of assembled furniture.

    To see the full IKEA trend and fact guide, you can visit my IKEA Facts and Trends page.

  • Conclusion
  • IKEA offers replacement parts almost every time you shop with them.

    If IKEA does not stock the item or the code is unavailable, IKEA may be able to help you find it from third-party IKEA suppliers.

    .Does Ikea Sell Individual Parts In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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