Prince’s Island Park

Love to Hike, Bike, or just Stroll? Refresh and Unwind with Nature at Prince's Island Park


Prince's Island Park is an urban park in the city of Calgary, Alberta Canada. It was named after Peter Anthony Prince, founder of Eau Claire Lumber Mill and built on land donated to the City by his family in 1947. The island has a surface area size 20 hectares with three bridges connecting it to downtown Calgary and nearby suburbia – one from south-eastern end across Bow River and two linking up at north eastern side (the latter being only accessible during summer). Open all day 5am until 11pm every regular days except Christmas Day when its gates are closed til noon for public use; free admission! Prince's Island Park is a 20 hectare urban park in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Prince's Island Park

It was named after Peter Anthony Prince who founded Eau Claire Lumber Mill and donated land to the City of Calgary in 1947 for it to be built on. The park has three bridges connecting it with downtown Calgary across from Eau Claire and remains open until 11:00 PM every day except Monday when it closes at 8:30PM due to low traffic volume.


Prince's Island was named after Peter Anthony Prince, a lumberman from Quebec who came to Calgary in 1886 and founded the Eau Claire Lumber Mill. The Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber Company dug a channel (now the lagoon) to get logs closer to their sawmill which resulted on an island for them! In 1889 Prince formed his company: Calgary Water Power Company, with electric streetlights powered by steam generators that used sawdust as fuel until 1893 when he built Alberta's first hydro-electric plant nearby. His death led this great man into obscurity where today only one bridge is dedicated in honour of him; its at 11 Street North West over Deerfoot Trail near Glenmore Dam Road NW Prince's Island is named after Peter Anthony Prince, a lumberman from Quebec who came to Calgary in 1886 and founded the Eau Claire Lumber Mill. The company dug out part of the Bow River so that logs could be shipped closer to their sawmill at Kananaskis; this resulted in an island which was soon renamed for its founder.The water-powered electric plant built by Mr.

Prince supplied streetlights until 1893 when he finished building his hydroelectric facility on one end of what would become known as "Prince's Lagoon." After his death, ownership passed down through five generations before being purchased last year by Anderson Industries Incorporated

Location & Directions

Address: 4 St. & 1 Ave S.W., Calgary In DD 51° 3′ 11″ N 114° 4′ 36″ W In DMS -114 04' 41"

The City of Calgary has provided an extremely creative and engaging way for you to enjoy the natural beauty, art installations, bike trails, bridges. Enjoy a day exploring what is possible in this urban environment! A large park with no less than three bridges connecting it to the mainland, Bow Island Park is a beautiful place of natural beauty and recreation. Located on an island in Calgary's downtown area along the banks of its famous river, this one-of-a-kind destination offers something for everyone looking to explore nature while enjoying some leisure time outdoors or simply taking in all that there is available without leaving your hometown! Bow Island Park lies just south east from downtown Calgary at 51° 3′ 11″ N 114° 4' 36" W (in decimal degrees).

It’s situated atop an island – which houses more parks even further out into Lake Lougheed Provincial Nature Area and can be accessed by footbridges running across both sides.

Opening Hours & Amenities

For those who are looking for a beautiful place to spend their day, Prince's Island Park is full of amenities. It features an on-leash park where dog owners can enjoy themselves without having to worry about containing their pets or keep them leashed at all times. Parking underneath and around Eau Claire Market make it easy for visitors with mobility issues while the River Café offers delicious food options that will have you coming back time after time! Prince’s Island Park provides wonderful activities during winter including learning more about local wildlife from wildlife expert days in January; however they also offer events throughout the year such as Canada Day & Heritage Day which both allow dogs unfettered access but do not permit wheelchairs. Visitors should be aware there won Have you ever watched a wild animal in its natural habitat? You can do that at Prince's Island Park! The park is open daily from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM and wildlife expert, John Smith will be on site every Tuesday.

What about Prince's Island Park's amenities, access, and parking? River Café is a restaurant on the banks of the (full service restaurant, closed each January) Dog-friendly park (except Canada Day & Heritage Day, due to event participant volume, these days are NO DOGS) Wheelchair access is available. There is parking under and surrounding the Eau Claire Market.

Things to Do at Prince's Island Park

There are a lot of Canada Geese and mallard ducks to see. In the fall, enjoy the scenery, and on the winter, ice skate in the lagoon. There are flower gardens and water fountains to view.















Enjoy the walkway and hiking trails by hiking, biking, strolling, rollerblading, or skating. Float along the river in a canoe.















Have a picnic in the beautiful, green park while your kids play on the playground.















Attend one of the numerous festivals and events hosted there, such as the Calgary Folk Music Festival, Shakespeare in the Park, Carifest, Canada Day, Heritage Day, Afrikadey, Expo Latino, and Barbecue on the Bow.


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