Commercials On Amazon Video

Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

Amazon plays an enormous role in e-commerce. There are millions of household products that can be ordered at the click of a mouse, and there is also on-demand streaming of services and new tech tools.

  • Amazon Prime may show you commercials when you watch your favourite shows or movies. Is it possible to remove these commercials from Amazon Prime? Let me tell you what I found out after doing some research.
  • Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

    Amazon Prime Has Commercials For 2022

    Amazon Prime Video often displays advertisements for IMDB TV and Amazon Prime Content, as well as other commercial ads. This has made it increasingly frustrating for Amazon Prime Video customers to not be able to block these advertisements.

    For more information about Amazon Prime streaming or how to manage your advertising preferences, please continue reading.

    Amazon Prime: What Commercials Will You See?

    Amazon Prime Video contains more than Prime productions. Amazon Prime video also has tv series and movies offered by other partners.

    It’s easy to get confused about which ads appear and why.

    While it may seem like an Amazon Prime ad, in reality, it’s a commercial for IMDB TV or other partners like Showtime, Starz, or Lifetime Movie Club.

    Amazon keeps announcing new streaming content. One example is a new deal to stream Universal live action movies exclusively, eight months after their release in theatres.

    With all these streaming partnerships, Amazon needs to advertise their shows, and because they aren’t Prime productions, the ads are considered separate.

    Amazon also appears to show ads in movies/tv series on the platform.

    This frustrates members, as Amazon Prive Video (which is paid-on-demand) is very similar to Netflix.

    Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

    Amazon Ad Preferences: Can you control them?

    Amazon Prime streaming functions in the exact same way as Amazon shopping.

  • In your Amazon account you can modify your preferences by selecting your device from the “manage all your content” menu.
  • You can click on “remove Offers” to update or delete your account. To get the benefit, however, you will need to upgrade to a premium account.

    But, it only appears to work occasionally after some further investigation. It seems that Amazon can override this setting, specifically for free IMDB releases on the platform and even some Amazon Prive Video original titles.

    Many customers are furious at this, given that Amazon has sold record amounts of merchandise in recent years.

    Update: Prime Video’s ad-blocking feature seems not to be functioning anymore. Comment below if there is a way to fix it.

    Amazon is the only streaming platform that offers ads

    Amazon is slowly catching up to Netflix with streaming audience. It all comes down often to the ads experience and what shows people are most interested in.

    You can’t choose between streaming services without seeing previews or commercials.

    Hulu makes use of ads to lower subscription prices, and Netflix doesn’t have commercials.

    A variety of membership tiers can be used to lower ads. It is very popular on streaming sites.

    While Amazon Prime Video’s trailers for future movies and shows may be surprising, you should know that these commercials are not just limited to Amazon.

    Many streaming platforms have ads at some point, either for related products or movies/TV content.

    Although you have the option to upgrade your membership, at the end it is all about which content offer you prefer.

    Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

    Amazon Prime Video is Worth the Money

    Amazon Prime Video has direct competition to other major streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix.

    Amazon Prime Video is usually worth the money, even though it may be advertised occasionally.

    Amazon continues to push for new partnerships. They also continue to provide big-name productions through the platform. This means that it’s very likely that Amazon won’t completely discontinue partner commercials anytime soon.

    The new $1 billion deal with Universal is just one example of what Amazon has in store, and why many viewers find it’s worth the subscription cost and partner previews.

    Amazon Prime also has a lot of popularity thanks to its Alexa technology as well as the Amazon Fire TV.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon Prime offers are completely ad-free. However, you will see ads on other channels for TV or movies that may relate to your Prime subscription.

    Amazon is essentially showing you that they have more TV shows and movies than your Prime subscription.

    Logging in allows you to control the display of ads on Amazon Prime accounts.

    .Commercials On Amazon Video (Why & Can You Remove?)

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