Is Aldi Coming To Seattle Or Washington State

Is Aldi Coming To Seattle Or Washington State In 2022? (Plans + More)

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Seattle is the American birthplace for Starbucks, grunge and Amazon. Yet, its cost-of-living is almost 49 percent greater than the national.

It is clear that Seattle and Washington are costly places to live.

  • Aldi is a discount supermarket chain which could lower living costs in the trendy Pacific Northwest region. However, does Aldi intend to visit Seattle or Washington State? You’ll find out by continuing reading!
  • Is Aldi Coming To Seattle Or Washington State In 2022? (Plans + More)

    Aldi is Coming to Seattle And Washington State In 2022

    Aldi doesn’t plan to open stores anywhere in Seattle or Washington State. The German supermarket chain is expanding its presence in the American Southwest and the Gulf Coast region, while also funneling funds into store makeovers in the Northeast.

  • Why don’t Aldi visit this popular part of the U.S. What could Aldi possibly do to put shops if they came? Washingtonians will need cheaper grocery shopping until Aldi, hopefully, makes it to their new location. For all your answers, check out the below!
  • Aldi Isn’t Coming to Seattle, Washington State?

    Aldi is currently focusing their building largely in the American Southwest (they just opened their fourth store in Arizona), but especially in the Gulf Coast region and Florida.

    Aldi, in Loxley Alabama, has begun building a new distribution facility to enable goods to move throughout the Gulf Coast region. Aldi’s 38th U.S. State, Louisiana, is the reason for this.

    In the Northeast, the chain also has been involved in several store renovations.

    I was curious as to why Aldi might focus on the Gulf Coast region over a state like Washington, with the major hub of Seattle. This could be related to population density.

  • Washington State has a population density of 106.3 people per square mile, which sounds like a lot; but the state of Florida, which is receiving major attention from Aldi, has a population density of 397.2 people per square mile – almost four times higher!
  • This is something I’d be shocked if it didn’t play into Aldi’s expansion plans.

    Is Aldi Coming To Seattle Or Washington State In 2022? (Plans + More)

    Aldi Potentially Locate Stores in Seattle, Washington State

    Aldi Fans and Aldi Fanatics Who Have Had to Move from Aldi Rich States to Aldi Barren states, like Washington, are looking for ideas and suggestions on the best places to store their goods.

    Spokane is a city that keeps popping up.

  • A commenter from the internet even found the perfect locations to set up shop in Renton. “…There’s a lot of space here for you to open a store; the Fairwood Albertsons has closed.
  • Yet another commenter got more specific about the state’s most populous city, “West Seattle needs an Aldi.”
  • If Aldi wants to visit Washington, there are many cities they can choose from that will welcome them.

    What Is The Closest Aldi Store To Washington State?

    Washington state residents may not be able to shop at Aldi. Clovis, CA is closer and about 750 miles away. Ouch.

    Is Aldi Coming To Seattle Or Washington State In 2022? (Plans + More)

    Washington State: Shoppers Can Buy Groceries instead Of Aldi

    Washingtonians can find similar grocery prices, even though it is costly to live in Seattle.

    Trader Joe’s, a distant cousin, owns 18 stores throughout Washington. The locations range from Olympia to Seattle to Spokane.

    WinCo Foods stores are also in high demand. These warehouse-style shops offer low grocery costs and an employee-owned shopping experience.

    Grocery outlet bargain market offers close-to expired or discontinued food items for a low price.

    If you are looking to learn more about Aldi, you can also see our related articles on whether or not Aldi is coming to New Zealand, if Aldi is coming to Colorado, and if Aldi is coming to Canada.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi does not plan to visit Seattle or Washington anytime soon. However, that should not discourage anyone.

    Aldi will most likely eventually expand to all 50 U.S. states. However, Washingtonians still have plenty of supermarket choices.

    Aldi will open new shops in Aldi’s 2022 location.

    Aldi U.S. aims to increase its U.S. store count by 150 in 2022. Its expansion along the Gulf Coast regions will see the discount retailer enter the 38th State. Aldi U.S. is based in Batavia. It announced Tuesday that it would open a Lafayette, Louisiana, store starting February 10, 2019. This marks the opening of its first Louisiana-based location.

    Aldi Is Coming To The West Coast

    Aldi indicated Wednesday that the coast-to-coast expansion will target Arizona, California, Florida, and the Northeast. The retailer, located in Batavia, Ill., also opened almost 100 stores in 2020. It made Arizona its 37th and largest state. … Aldi currently operates over 2,070 shops in 37 states. Feb 10, 2021

    Is Aldi Going Out Of Business 2022?

    The pandemic caused many chain restaurants, retailers and shops to close its doors. However, Aldi seems not to have suffered any significant impact on the business model or its operations (via Business Insider). Aldi will be America’s third-largest supermarket chain in terms of store count in 2022, as reported by Business Insider 2020. “Jul 12, 2021

    Will Aldi Open In Oregon?

    Aldi has not announced any plans to open stores in the state of Oregon or its most populous city of Portland as of 2022. German grocery chains are focusing their growth on the U.S. Gulf Coast area, states like Louisiana, Florida, and other areas.

    .Is Aldi Coming To Seattle Or Washington State In 2022? (Plans + More)

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