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About RCMP Heritage Centre

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has played an important role in shaping and protecting Canada's historical and cultural environment over the last 145 years. The RCMP Heritage Centre opened on May 23, 2007 to share the RCMP narrative with the rest of the world. The RCMP Heritage Centre, housed in a stunning stone, glass, and concrete building designed by world-renowned architect Arthur Erickson, tells the storey of the RCMP via state-of-the-art exhibits, multimedia technologies, and engaging programming. Whatever amount you give, we'll make sure it goes toward improving the Centre and sustaining its vital work. 

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre ( French : Le Centre du patrimoine de la GRC ) is a law enforcement museum in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. A variety of exhibits and artefacts related to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) may be seen in the museum. Nick Milkovich Architects designed the 6,000-square-metre (65,000-square-foot) RCMP Heritage Centre, which is located in the northeast end of RCMP Academy, Depot Division. 

Construction for the RCMP Heritage Centre began in 2005 to replace the RCMP Centennial Museum, which was also located at Depot Division. In May 2007, the RCMP Heritage Centre opened its doors to the public.


The RCMP Centennial Museum, the first museum dedicated to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, opened to the public in 1933. The Centennial Museum, which was located at the RCMP Academy, Depot Division Regina Saskatchewan, was later closed to the public in October 2006.The RCMP Heritage Centre was established to replace the Centennial Museum, with its collections being relocated to the Heritage Centre following its completion.Construction for the RCMP Heritage Centre began in 2005.


The centre is housed in a 6,000-square-metre (65,000-square-foot) building south of Dewdney Avenue, adjacent to "F" Division headquarters at the RCMP Academy, Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Completed in 2007, the building was estimated to cost C$ Nick Milkovich Architects was the project's design architect, with Arthur Erickson serving as a design consultant; P3 was the building's construction manager.


The main gallery of the historical centre hosts a permanent exhibition that explores the history of the force or displays forensics techniques. Creating a Mounted Police, Maintaining Law and Order in the West, Protecting the North, Serving All of Canada, Preserving the Tradition, and Cracking the Case are among the exhibits in the main gallery. The heritage centre's "Feature Exhibition" is located in a separate hall and displays specialty items from its collection for a limited time.


For school children, the centre provides activities such as Mini Marching Mounties and a Mini Musical Ride (Appropriate for K-2). The 'Our Treaties' programme (grades 3-12) educates students about numbered treaties, while the 'Northwest campaign: Three Sides of History' (grades 4-12) teaches students about the complexity of social connections. Students will examine a fake crime scene in the "whodunit" (grades 4-12) curriculum, which will provide an insight into scientific thinking and analysis. Learn about the idea of peace and peacekeeping operations via conversations and presentations in the "Pledge for Peace" programme (K-12). The centres also provide an outreach programme (for K-12) for schools within a 45-kilometer radius of Regina. 

On Canada Day (July 1) and following Tuesdays through mid-August at 6:45–7:30 p.m., this colourful celebration features military music, the lowering of the Canadian flag, the March Past, and a troop drill performance performed by cadets clad in the iconic scarlet uniform. 

During the summer, the Sergeant Major's Parade takes place every Monday through Friday at 12:45 p.m., and from September to the end of April, it takes place every Tuesday through Friday at 12:45 p.m. By 12:00 p.m., you must have pre-registered. Learn about renowned law enforcement officers and what it takes to be a Mountie on patrol while seeing the iconic Louis Riel handcuffs. Visitors will leave with a feeling of what the Mounties has given and continues to offer Canadians, whether it's the 'March of the Mounties,' the importance of horses in Mounted Police, or the renowned musical ride. 

The main Exhibit Gallery has six exhibitions on the upkeep of law and order from the beginning to the present, beginning with the history of the mounted police service. You may also learn about the well-known Northwest campaign from a variety of perspectives. Who can forget the police's involvement during the Klondike Gold Rush? The evolution of the RCMP from a border force to a national force serving the whole country is shown in the main gallery.

Admission Fee

Adult (18+): $10.00 Senior (60+)/Students (18+ with ID): $8.00 Child/Youth (6 to 17): $6.00 Family (2 adults and up to 5 children/youths): $30.00 Kids (0–5): Free Active members of the Military or any Police Force: $5.00 RCMP Members Free Veterans of any police or military force receive FREE admission.

Location and Direction

On-site parking is provided. Motor coaches, school buses, and leisure vehicles have their own slots. It is situated at 5907 Dewdney Avenue in Regina, near the entrance of the RCMP Depot Division. Bike riders may hire a bike for a 30-minute ride on paths that follow the river from Wascana Lake.


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