Signs Of Termites In Yard

Signs Of Termites In Yard

signs of termites in yard


You should know what to do about termites signs in the yard

Termites were something you knew about, even though they could cause serious damage to your house.

At the same, however, your anxiety never grew to the point of being actively concerned about something. After all, there were no signs of issues in your house.

One day, as you were working in the garden, you came across what looked to be termite tunnels. The termites were obvious after you did some digging. Or are they?

After you put away your panic for a bit, you started to think through it rationally. And you discovered that there were many more questions than you thought you knew.

Does termite infestation in your yard mean that these pests are already inside your home?

Is there any reason to worry if termites are found in your yard?

signs of termites in yard

Final Thoughts

Termites love gardens and backyards.

Finding them is easy, but it needs some close observation.

You’ll learn how to spot termites within your yard in this article.

The four signs of termites found in the yard include –

Termite wings

Termite frass

Termite nests

signs of termites in yard

4. Examine for Infestation

You have termites infested your property. Now it’s time for you to examine your house and surrounding areas. Examine your property for signs of infestation. These could include mud tubes in your foundation, hollow wood or damage to trees. The soil should be checked for termites. They will often build their nests in the ground. Swarms could be your only visible sign of termites.

Don’t panic before running out and spraying the swarms. Although termites can be found in your home, swarming is not necessarily a sign that they are present. It is imperative to take action if you see termites in your area.

Subterranean termites could damage the ground and cause serious problems, depending on their proximity to your home. They will likely find their way into your house if they are closer to it. The wood they are most often found is drywood termites. They burrow holes into the surface, and unfortunately, are the hardest to spot. Get help from an expert to inspect your house’s interior and exterior.

signs of termites in yard

Arizona’S Experts Since 1969

Not necessarily. Arizona’s termites thrive wherever there is wood. Most yards, especially those in older, established neighborhoods, support termites. There are termites in every yard, even though they are less common in specific areas. Finding termites in a fence or woodpile, or in landscape timbers, does not necessarily mean that your home needs to be treated, but it should alert you to the presence of termites around your home.

You can reduce your chances of being infested if termites appear in your yard. First, familiarize yourself with what termites look like so that if you notice swarms of any unusual indoor insects, you will know whether your house should be inspected. The foundation of your home should be examined to determine if there are any mud shelter tubes that could indicate termite activity. Termite shelter tube are hollow soil tunnels that extend from the soil to your home and allow termites to travel between their underground nests and food source (your house). If there are any suspicious structures made of mud, you should leave at most a portion for professional termite inspectors to inspect. Keep all soil and debris away from your house’s foundation. It reduces termite entry, and it makes inspection of your house easier for potential termite signs.

It’s best to hire a professional to inspect your house if you suspect termites. Termite inspections can be done for free, except when you require a formal report to use in real estate transactions.

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Is it normal to see termites in the yard?

Even though termites tend to be more widespread in certain locations, they are still likely to exist in your backyard. Finding termites in a fence or woodpile, or in landscape timbers, does not necessarily mean that your home needs to be treated, but it should alert you to the presence of termites around your home.

How can you tell if your termites are present?

Waist – Termites have a straight waist, while ants have a pinched waist. Antennae-Termites have straight antenae and ants have bent. Wing Length-Termites wings measure the same length but ants have shorter wings. Discarded Wings: Flying ants are not able to shed their wings. But termite-swarmers can.

How can I get rid of termites from my backyard?

Termite Treatments. One common way to rid your home of termites is by treating the soil surrounding it with an insecticide that kills termites, like imidacloprid. If termites are already inside, wood can also be treated. Termite baits may be placed strategically around your yard in order to lure them in.

What Is the Most Common Mistake for Termites

Flying termites are commonly mistaken for termites. The most common species of ants to take flight around your house are carpenter ants, but they’re by no means the only ones. Mar. 14, 2017

.Signs Of Termites In Yard

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