Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It

Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It

is quarterly pest control worth it

Do Quarterly Pest Controls Worth it? What’s the difference?

Preventive measures are better than curative. It certainly is.

When it’s about protecting your home from pest invasion or as a long-term pest solution, then preventative pest control measures always help.

This prevents pest infestations in your home and protects you against the high costs of full-service pest control.


Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It? Find Out Why Or Why Not

“>is quarterly pest control worth it?

Or is it a scam that pest control companies try to push to make a quick buck from you?

You’ll get honest answers to both of these questions. This blog will let you know if it is worth your time to do preventive quarterly pest control.

Let’s get it figured out.

is quarterly pest control worth it

Long term, quarterly pest control can be more cost-effective than quarterly.

Do you think quarterly pest control is expensive and not worth the money?

Let’s dive into the numbers. The average cost of quarterly pest control for a two-bedroom house with an average size is $200. This means that the annual cost of quarterly preventative pest control is approximately $800.

But, it is worth taking action after infestations of termites and/or bed bugs has increased. The cost of treatment for an identical home will not exceed $1150.

So, you end up losing more money.

The quarterly pest inspection is the same as your health checkup. Although it costs money initially, the cost of pest control can be saved in the end.

For your protection, quarterly pest control is available with warranties

It is possible for companies to vary the warranty coverage. However, the warranty covers you for only a fraction (or even less) of what it costs to control a large pest infestation.

is quarterly pest control worth it

Quarterly Pest Control Costs

Importantly, the cost of quarterly pest control is usually built into an annual contract that you, the homeowner, will sign with the pest control expert. Contracts are useful as there’s no need to be surprised. A contract lets you know precisely when and exactly how much the expert will be there. Each pest control company is unique, however it is common for quarterly pest control to be included in an annual contract.

So, what should you expect quarterly pest control cost to be? In 2019, the average cost of quarterly pest control was anywhere from $400 to $1200, annually. Different factors influence the annual cost such as how large the house is and which treatments they require. There are some exceptions. For example, properties with severe infestations may require more frequent visits to the doctor and may need additional treatments. These outliers are expensive and can cost close to $3000 annually.

Are Quarterly pest control worth it?

is quarterly pest control worth it

Compare Costs

If you’re still not sure if quarterly pest control costs are worth the investment, here is some information. Visits from pest control professionals are cheaper than paying for pest extermination fees. Which is the difference? Exterminators use chemical pesticides to kill the invading pests that have infiltrated a home.

Pest control experts focus more on how the pests got into the house, and what can be done to prevent future infestations by making changes within the house. An exterminator visit will generally cost you more than an expert pest control technician. You have an infestation if you need to contact an exterminator.

Exterminators may need to return to the area to use additional chemicals. The cost of an exterminator visit could quickly escalate.

Typically, a series of visits from an exterminator will quickly far exceed the cost of quarterly pest control. The cost to replace or repair any home damage caused by an infestation is not included in this price. To do major repairs, it may be necessary for you to employ a contractor. A termite infestation can damage floors and ceilings as well as support beams and furniture. Adding up the potential cost of hiring a contractor on top of an exterminator, and the cost of quarterly pest control seems more than reasonable.

is quarterly pest control worth it

Conclusion: A Smart Investment

The majority of Americans are good at maintaining their yards and houses. Indeed, our home is our pride and joy. The majority of homeowners need to keep to a tight budget, so they don’t have the luxury of spending unnecessary funds. We need to ask ourselves if quarterly pest control is worth it or if it is acceptable to schedule more frequently.

Ultimately, quarterly pest control is not only necessary but also budget-friendly. Many pest controllers offer discounted quarterly treatment plans that allow you to save money as opposed paying individually for every service. You can save money by purchasing packages and promotional services. The effectiveness of pest control products lasts for only a few weeks and is then lost after several months. Once the treatment is no longer effective, an infestation can begin.

Some infestations can grow without any obvious signs to the homeowner. Sometimes, the damage done by pests may not be apparent to homeowners until they notice them. You can rest assured that your home will be protected from pests with quarterly visits by a professional pest control specialist.

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What is the point of quarterly pest control in your home?

Pests such as termites or bed bugs spread rapidly from one residence to another. So, if your home is at a place where pest infestation is expected and if the weather is humid and tropical, then quarterly pest control is necessary. Infestation is only a matter if your pest control doesn’t happen.

What Pest Control Do You Need?

We recommend that you have your house treated every quarter, or once every two to three weeks for regular pest control.

Pest Control Subscriptions – Are They Worth It?

Preventative pest management is worth the effort, whether it be using natural options, DIY methods, maintaining good hygiene or hiring professional help. It is best to prevent an infestation from happening.

.Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It

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