How To Get Rid Of Chiggers In Your Home

How To Get Rid Of Chiggers In Your Home

how to get rid of chiggers in your home

What Are The Best Ways To Get Chiggers Out Of Your House? Here’S The Easiest Solution

Chiggers will be the worst pest to have living in your home.

They bite.

In this guide, you’ll find out not just about getting rid of chiggers in the house and yard.

You’ll also get in-depth information on how and why they enter your home, what a chigger looks like, where chiggers live, and much more.

So, keep reading if you want a chigger-free home forever.

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Many people confuse chiggers with small blood-sucking bugs like bed bugs and fleas.

how to get rid of chiggers in your home


Limit your exposure to chiggers by avoiding contact with grasses and weeds. Keep your lawn and landscaping well maintained. Overgrown lawns may lead to more chiggers.

Wear bug spray and dress in clothing that covers most of your body when you’re outside. For example, you might tuck your pants into socks and wear gloves underneath long-sleeve shirts.

These parasites, also known as bed bugs and chiggers, can leave you with painful bumps the shape of pimples. The bites might cause irritation for several days, but in the long run they’re not likely to be harmful. Avoid scratching these bites in order to minimize the chance of infection. You can also use both over-the counter and home remedies to ease symptoms.

Last medically reexamined on May 25, 2020

Cynthia Taylor Chavoustie MPAS, PA-C Natalie Silver reads this Chiggers Next: Little Bugs that Bite Bigly Medically reviewed Deborah Weatherspoon R.N. CRNA Chiggers prefer tall weeds or grasses. The bites of bed bugs can be found in the backyard or near the water. They are very difficult to find in homes because their bodies are flattened and small. Most bites look like red. Read on to learn more about symptoms and how to prevent bug bites.

How to Get Rid Bedbugs

Debra. Sullivan. Medically reviewed. Here’s how.

how to get rid of chiggers in your home

These Home Remedies and OTC Medications Can Reduce Itching From Chigger Bites

Readers Comments 100 Share Your Story. Chigger bites can be treated at home using many remedies. This is a false belief. In an attempt to eliminate the chiggers from the skin, nail polish, alcohol and bleach were applied to bites. They are ineffective because the chiggers can’t be seen on the skin. You may also find some natural remedies for itching and irritation from chigger bites. They include

Apply cool compresses or take a cold shower

Sitting in a cool bath

To use bath products that contain over-the–counter colloidal oatmeal

how to get rid of chiggers in your home


It is now time to start treatment. Always read the product label and comply with their instructions. Wear gloves, safety glasses, and safety masks to keep yourself protected.

Red Bugs/Chiggers can be gotten rid with both indoor (broadcast) and outdoor treatment using Reclaim IT Insecticide.

First Step: Outdoor Treatment With Reclaim It

Red Bugs will be eradicated from your home and yard by using ReclaimIT, an insecticide with broad spectrum properties. It also has a residual (or long-term effects) for up to 90 days.

First, determine how much Reclaim IT you will need by measuring the square footage of your yard and home. To calculate the square footage, measure the treatment area in length and width.

In a pump sprayer, mix one fluid ounce Reclaim IT and 1 gallon water. You will be able to treat approximately 1,000 square feet. You can spray a perimeter treatment all around your house, starting 3 feet higher than the foundation. Spray around windows frames and doors, as well as rain gutters, electrical/plumbing penetrations, and any other entrance points.

Next you’ll do a broadcast treatment. The broadcast treatment will begin at the edge of your lawn. Work your way toward the center. You can use a fan spray nozzle set to treat tall grasses, shaded places, ornamentals, and any areas where you notice chigger activity. This will ensure uniform coverage.

how to get rid of chiggers in your home

Three Natural Ways to Get Rid of Chiggers from Your House

Before we discuss what works and what doesn’t, let’s look at some of the problems. Urban legends and misinformation are behind many home remedies such as applying nail polish to a bite of chigger. If you start to notice red bumps under your skin and suspect that you have chigger bites then the damage is already done.

While it may kill the bugs by scratching at their bites or blisters, it won’t stop them itching. Then, you can focus on the relief methods such as Hydrocortisone cream, Calamine lotion or any over-the counter antihistamine. You will be able to get rid the chiggers from the skin by taking a hot shower or bathing with soapy tap water. This is important because chigger bites can also pass on secondary infections if they’re not properly sanitized. You should pay special attention to the hair follicles near you.

Let’s now look at some pest control options you have against a Chigger Infestation.

This bug spray uses Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE) as the active ingredient. This ingredient is one of few approved by the EPA to repel biting insects of any kind. It repels bugs up to six hours before needing to be reapplied.

The product can be used on the skin of people over three years. The spray can is shatterproof and comes packaged in a pump-sprayed bottle. To use it for your face, rub it onto your forehead, neck and cheeks with your fingertips.

how to get rid of chiggers in your home

Do Chigger Bites Spread? These are your Questions

It could also be caused by grass mites, such as chiggers, when you walk your dog across a field or skipping stones near a riverbank and feel sudden itching. Within hours of being bitten, you will probably feel an intense itching sensation around the affected area. The one thing you might not be able to stop scratching at is the following question: How do chigger bites spread.

If you’ve spent enough time outside in warmer parts of the country, you’ve probably already fallen victim to chigger bites. These micro-pests are yellow, orange and straw-colored and latch onto people and animals. The chigger larvae are what actually attach to your clothing and skin. When these larvae become adults they’re called mites.

You might encounter chiggers if you go through an area with them. Reddish bumps will appear on your skin after a chigger has fallen off. You may also notice bright red dots in its middle. Once the larvae find your skin, they make a tiny hole using their jaws. The chigger larvae will then inject you with saliva, which liquefies your cells, turning it into food.

It’s what remains of the wound that the chigger caused in your skin. These bites can appear as a cluster, often at or below the waistline. The chiggers will feed in one spot for several days. Because they are small and often hidden, it is possible to not see them.

Bites can take up to two weeks to heal. Infected bites can spread to other parts of the body if the victim scratched the area. The good news is that chigger bites won’t spread from one part of your body to another. When the larvae stop feeding on your body and disappear from your body you can just resist the temptation to scratch. The skin irritation that often looks like it is a rash will eventually go away.

Chigger bites in dogs and cats can also cause discomfort. If your pet seems to be scratching more than normal, look for chiggers in your pet’s ears which resemble paprika because of the reddish color of these creatures. Your veterinarian will recommend treatments that are either topical or intramuscular to eliminate the chiggers.

The tiny, unsuspecting pests leave us baffled. Continue reading to find out the answer to some other questions regarding chiggers. These include whether or not they can invade your home and whether you can keep them from living in your clothes and bed.

how to get rid of chiggers in your home

Are Chiggers a Problem in Your Home?

Like we mentioned earlier, harvest mite larvae are what chiggers look like. These pests aren’t as harmful to your home and can infest it just like other pests such as bed bugs. You can get many bites at once from chiggers because they only lay eggs in one area. The bites are from one chigger. Multiple larvae can also be attached to you simultaneously. If you go camping, hiking, or just going on a walk with friends, you might get 100 bites and your friend may only have one. The eggs hatch on plants and other foliage, which allows them to attach to the host. One female can lay 15 eggs daily.

A questing response in chigger larvae is that they reach out with both their front legs to grab an animal, person or other creature. It is activated by light, heat, temperature and touch signals transmitted by the hair-like sensory cells. Chiggers live from spring through fall. They prefer temperature between the 70s and 80s. Chigger bites tend to be most prevalent in the summer. Once it freezes, the outdoors become chigger-free.

A chigger prefers damp vegetation in partial sun. Chiggers often live in areas near water or creek beds. You may be able to catch them on your clothes, or even your pet’s clothing.

Take the steps below to relieve any discomfort that may result from being bitten by Chiggers:

You can take the clothes off and wash them with hot water.

All other objects that you might have come in contact with such as towels or blankets, should be washed.

Use an anti-itch and an anti-itch cream as well as an over-the counter topical antibiotic.

How can I get rid of Chiggers from my House?

Heat or steam to clean. Hot water can kill the bugs. You can kill chiggers by using hot water and soap. It also makes it easy to kill all other bugs, and helps prevent infection. January 25, 2021

Are Chiggers able to live in a House?

Chiggers are not able to survive in an indoor environment so it is unlikely that they will live in your bed. Dec 26, 2020

The Instant Killer of Chiggers

Sevin(r).-5 Ready to Use 5% Dust eliminates chiggers from contact on lawns or plants. The dust can be used to sprinkle a light layer of powder over lawn and other plants that are prone to chiggers. For best results, water your lawn before you apply the dust and don’t water again for at least two days.

Do Chiggers Live In Couches?

Just like bed bugs, chiggers can temporarily live in your couch, chairs, beds, and other larger pieces of furniture. They can also bite us and burrow beneath our skin, laying eggs. It is possible to get chiggers on your couch or legs. You don’t need to worry if there are chiggers under your sofa or you have a strange rash around your leg.

.How To Get Rid Of Chiggers In Your Home

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