What Not To Buy At Aldi

What Not To Buy At Aldi In 2022 (15 Products To Avoid)

When people feel they have gotten a good deal, they often end up getting subpar or higher quality items.

Aldi does its best to deliver top-quality products for their customers at the lowest possible prices. But even though Aldi is a great grocery company, sometimes it falls short of being the right match for every individual’s shopping needs.

What Not To Buy At Aldi In 2022 (15 Products To Avoid)

Aldi 2022: What You Should Not Buy

  • This is why I have compiled this list: 15 Aldi products to be avoided.
  • Side note: I am not expressing a negative opinion about Aldi. However, this is my honest opinion of Aldi products. Aldi is a great place to shop and I share my experiences with them on other Aldi blogs.

  • 1. Toiletries + Paper Goods
  • Aldi sells a variety of paper products and toiletries, such as paper towels and toilet paper. They also have paper plates and bowls.

    It is likely that these items can be found cheaper online or in bulk stores like Sam’s Club and Costco.

  • 2. Cleaning supplies
  • Although Aldi cleaning products are good, the quality is not great. They can also be purchased cheaper at Dollar stores for roughly the same price.

    Again, online shopping and bulk warehouse shops might offer better results.

  • 3. Personal Hygiene Products
  • Go elsewhere if your needs are for razors, feminine hygiene, or any other type of products. Aldi offers many high quality products but is very restricted in the variety of their personal care products.

    Most of us feel pretty tied to our personal hygiene products. Aldi makes it easy for us to stay with what we like.

  • 4. Seafood
  • Aldi’s seafood is often more costly than those at other grocery stores, especially Walmart. Shoppers also find it less quality. Aldi has been subject to harsh criticisms for their unethical sourcing.

    For example, in 2017 it came out that Aldi had sourced some of its seafood from China, where North Korean citizens might have been employed as deeply mistreated workers, with huge chunks of their pay going directly back to the North Korean state.

  • 5. Pizza
  • You shouldn’t expect gourmet pizza-quality food if you buy frozen pizzas for as low as $2.19.

    Aldi’s cheap pizza, the frozen thin dough, doesn’t have good taste. To many, it seems bland and tasteless.

    This is not limited to the $2 pie. I have had the pleasure of trying several Take & Bakes.

    You can get pizza at your Little Caesar’s by stopping in for a Hot N Ready.

  • 6. Sourdough Loaves
  • Aldi’s breads are good, though it might just be my personal preference.

    Each one comes pre-sliced. This is a great option for shoppers. However, I would like to see Aldi sell some sourdough loaves that are unsliced so I could choose the thickness of each piece or hollow them out to make bread bowls.

  • 7. Produce
  • Aldi often sells their produce packed in plastic bags. That gives shoppers less control of what they buy home.

    If you are the kind of shopper who likes to hand-pick each individual piece of fruit or vegetable, Aldi’s produce section will madden you. There is very little that can be sold by the individual, although it does happen that you bring home something bad.

  • 8. Chicken
  • Aldi offers quality meats at affordable prices. However, their chicken is not always up to par.

    Family packs of chicken breasts offer a fantastic deal. However, these can require extensive trimming. Even worse, the chicken legs are just as good. It will take about 15 minutes to unpack the groceries and get rid of all excess fat.

    It’s possible to skim this project if your time is limited or you don’t have sharp scissors.

  • 9. Pet Food
  • Aldi’s can seem tempting because it is so inexpensive.

    The Heart to Tail brand is better than sticking with it. Heart to Tail has corn-filler in the first ingredient and real meat at the second.

  • 10. Cheesy Crackers
  • Multiple bloggers pointed out that the Cheezit Dupes and Goldfish cheesy Cracker knock-offs aren’t up to par with their brand name counterparts.

  • 11. Granola Bars
  • Aldi’s Millvale Granola bar was my first bite. It tasted bland.

    I ate the rest out of sheer hunger, but if that hadn’t propelled me, I very likely would have tossed it.

  • 12. Frozen Sushi
  • Aldi does not sell frozen sushi. Sushi tastes best when it is fresh.
  • 13. Ground Coffee
  • Aldi sells many wonderful ground coffees, mostly under the Barissimo label, but the Beaumont ground in the big plastic cannister tastes strongly of burned coffee beans.

  • 14. Name Brands
  • Aldi carries a few name-brand items at any given time, but they aren’t always the lowest price, and they don’t accept manufacturers coupons. The same product can be found elsewhere at a discounted price, with or without coupons.

  • 15. Kleidung
  • Aldi’s autumn line has a poncho that I own, and it is about the same depth as what I would wear. Look for less-than perfect fitting clothes, and occasionally, poor quality.

    Aldi makes it so easy to shop.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi has many highs in quality product, but it doesn’t have all the lows. You should ultimately make the right decision for your family.

    .What Not To Buy At Aldi In 2022 (15 Products To Avoid)

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